Uno más, por favor. I asked for another cocktail as I excitedly spooned the remaining bits of guacamole into my mouth. We had just arrived in Playa Del Carmen and were seated at a three person table at El Fagon, the most famous and authentic taco establishment in town. In the evenings, lines circle the block at this place. We were lucky to get a seat. I had just finished ordering my soon-to-be favorite, sirloin con queso, in Spanish. “You know, she does speak English,” my brother mentioned as I slowly formulated the words to explain my food allergies. The waitress laughed as I explained my desire to practice and she stayed with me, bless her heart. There was so much to see, even there. A local family of four enjoying a late lunch. Tourists as excited as I was.


Twenty twenty started off strong. That is, of course, until the universe laughed at us. Enter, global pandemic. Thankfully, we were able to get away in January before COVID-19 reared its ugly head into our lives.


Here are some photographs from our most recent adventure in Playa Del Carmen.


Bienvenido a Mexico.


Until next time,

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