I closed my eyes as the floor boards of the Dingman’s Ferry Bridge rattled in response to our crossing. The unbroken conversation which had spanned the duration of our drive was interrupted by a sole-standing toll collector who welcomed us to the Pennsylvania town. When we crossed the small (yet terrifying) truss bridge, I exhaled a deep breath which I had been holding since the rubber of our tires first hit the wooden overpass. When we arrived at the lake house, it was dark, and the dark was only intensified by the surrounding woodland. Brian graciously allowed me to wait in the car while he opened the door and turned the lights on. (You never know. I was armed with leftover Chinese and the bears could be hungry). When we arrived inside, we unpacked the groceries and packed the fridge, then settled in to enjoy our stay.
At first, the inclement weather limited our outdoor activities, but we eventually took a trip to Child’s Park to enjoy the views of the Factory, Fulmer and Deer Leap waterfalls. Brian led us astray from the safe routes, and extended his hand for me to join him on the less traveled paths. With that said, we river jumped across the water which, as silly as it may sound, was a big feat for a non-risk taker like myself. With each jump, I leaped outside of my comfort zone. Along the way, we enjoyed the views as we overlooked the falls.

IMG_5607 IMG_5611 IMG_5612

Overall, I think this weekend provided us with the opportunity to do something Brian may have forgotten how to do: relax. Until next time, Pennsylvania.