There are many times when I find myself lost in my thoughts. And more often than not, overcome with emotions. It happens unexpectedly. Then again, the heart rarely heeds notice when it pulses an outpouring of sentiments. I gaze at Brian, sometimes when he is talking to me and other times when he is not talking at all. I counter the movement of his lips with a smile. You see, that’s easy with him. Smiling, I mean.
It’s the light in his eyes. It’s his smile. It’s his contagious spirit.  In every moment when I am with him, I think about how thankful I am to know him, for the opportunity to love him, and how empty my life was before he came along. With Brian, I experience love when I am awake, and relive it again in my dreams.
This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for him. For saving me. For shining light on even the most untouched crevices of my soul. I think to myself, this is what it feels like. This is what it feels like to be happy. So, as we raise our glasses next Thursday, let’s make a toast to those who make our hearts smile. Who lift us when we are down. Who make us believe again; in love, in the future, in ourselves.  Who prove, time and time again, that even in real life, fairy tales are always a possibility.
Here’s to you, love. Thank you.
What are you thankful for this year?