August was a month full of festivities and celebrations of love; engagement parties, baby showers and, of course, weddings. What better way to celebrate love than at a wedding? An occasion when all of the people you love come together to celebrate love, dance and eat crab cakes. Is it just me, or do the words “crab cakes”  trigger memories of the opening divorce mediation scene of “Wedding Crashers” (“How could you not have a good time eating crab cakes? Phenomenal.”) Anyway, I had the chance to attend two beautiful weddings last month. About two weeks have expired since the last one, and my feet are finally relieved of the pain and blisters which resulted from hours of dancing and exceeding vertical jumping records when “Shout” (you make me wanna) was blasted from the sound system. From the moment the DJ played its first song, I was out there  … and there was no coming back. Here are my favorite photos of Brian and I from the two events. In the second set of photos, I am wearing a dress from Rent the Runway. Ladies, if you haven’t flocked to that site yet, I suggest you start clicking your mouse over in that direction. The quality, convenience and customer service offered is incredible. You’re welcome in advance!

IMG_2887 IMG_3222 IMG_3240-0

Until next time,

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