One thousand miles and about seven state lines separate us. Before he left for Oklahoma, we were chatting through the crunches of warm, restaurant-style tortillas doused with spinach dip (our favorite). He made a humorous presentation utilizing Sweet’N low sugar packets: “THIS is you. THIS is the New Jersey state line. At no point during this month do you cross the state line.” Although I am horrified of the violently rotating columns of air we like to call tornadoes, Brian knows I would hop on the next plane to see him, regardless. However, after his convincingly sweet lecture, pun intended, I agreed. With that said, it is amazing how many television shows one can watch in a month – that $7.99 monthly Netflix fee proved to be quite the investment. Anyway, Brian comes home on Saturday and I cannot wait! Funny thing is, although he is one thousand miles away, it doesn’t feel like he ever left my side.
[The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)]